The SPI-Box offers a "Serial Peripheral Interface" for Personal Computers. It will be connected to the serial port of the PC and allows an up to ten times faster in system programming of microcontrollers. Over and above other peripheral chips with SPI can be connected. The high flexibility and the published sources of the software interfaces allows to adapt the SPI-Box to any system.

Why with the SPI-Box?

An enhanced software package is available now! Details...

Optimized PCB available from Reusch Elektronik! More informations...

Programmed microcontroller with firmware version 2.0

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Publications in Elektor

April 2006 Description, schematic and assembly

Tips and supplements

Adaptor for 3.3V logic levels



Release 2.0.1

2.9 MByte

Software for the SPI-Box, contains:
- SPIBox.dll: Windows-DLL as an interface to the SPI-Box. Includes a wrapper unit for Delphi (V2.0)
- SPIBox_Test: Test application for starting up (includes Delphi sources)
- SPIFlash: In system programming of microcontrollers (supports only Atmel AT89S8252 and AT89S8253)
- AD_Converter: Application example, A/D-Converter TLC549 connected to the SPI-Box (includes Delphi sources)
- SPI-EEPROM: Serial EEPROM 25(L)C040 connected to the SPI-Box
- Firmware: The firmware of the microcontrollers used in the SPI-Box (Version 1.0)
System requirements: Microsoft Windows 95 up to Vista
Language: english, german

New in this release:

Printed Circuit Board Revision 2.0

Exclusive at Reusch Elektronik a new revision of the SPI box PCB is available. The features:

  Buy it for Euro 29.00 (incl. VAT)

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Firmware Version 2.0

The new firmware version 2.0 is available now! Exklusive at Reusch Elektronik and Geist Electronic Versand-GmbH a programmed microcontroller can be ordered for Euro 3.00 (special price incl. VAT). The binary file of the firmware is a part of the extended software package. Buyers of this package can download an update free of charge.

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Additional Software (Release 2.5)

An extended software package is available for the SPI-Box. It contains:

  The software package costs Euro 30.00 (incl. tax) and can be ordered online.

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The printed circuit board is designed for the plastic case Toptec 154F (dimensions: 154x84x38mm≥) from OKW.